Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls
Arts desire is the number one provider of climbing walls and murals to school in England.

Whether you want to be on top of the world, deep in the jungle or spending time by the sea Arts desire with over 10 years of experience , will create traversing walls to brighten minds and places leaving a lasting impact on both school and community

Our friendly and professional team will help you transform blank walls and empty corners into imaginative play spaces.

A traversing wall adds another dimension to playgrounds where space is at a premium and gives break times and the PE timetable a new lease of life. Climbing helps children to develop better poise, balance and self-awareness as well as being mentally rewarding.

Our product
Our walls are constructed on 18mm exterior grade ply which can be battened to your wall or erected as a free standing unit. We use only the highest grade fade resistant paints which in turn is protected by 3 coats of yacht vanish, to give at least 10 years of protection.

There are many advantages to this system of construction

  • Fixing boards to an existing wall means there is very little damage to the actual wall, and best of all no work is needed prior to the installation no matter how uneven or irregular your wall may be.
  • Fixing climbing holds to boards rather than brick means we can provide an infinite number of fixing points so that you can change the routes regularly to keep the wall challenging and stimulating.
  • The Climbing holds are attached to the boards using a method certified by a structural engineer.
  • All the work is completed off site therefore causing minimum disruption to the school and playground and can be fitted at weekends or in the school holidays.
  • If you do not have a wall or would like to divide your playground in an imaginative way why not opt for one of our free standing walls.

There are four types of wall available tailored to meet all requirements and budgets.

Options available