The production of inventive large scale sculpture is the jewel in the Arts Desire crown We have produced breathtaking temporary and permanent installations for all the major event over the past 10 years including the millennium celebration ,the golden jubilee, Manchester's commonwealth games and the Tour de France in London, and are already looking forward the 2012 Olympics. We have also produced work to celebrate the transformation of public spaces such as Trafalgar Square, Mile End Park and Potters Field and take part in annual events including Car Free Day, Thames Festival, The Frost Fair and The Big Draw.

Our success in this field is the result of the company's ability to

  • Think creatively no matter how limiting the brief
  • Over see all aspects of the project
  • Work to any size or venue
  • Successful collaborate with the public

Pubic Workshops
What ever the event or occasion why not hire Arts Desire to run high quality workshops which encourage the public to join in and explore new materials, unleash creativity and produce work that leaves a lasting impression.

Workshops Offered
  • All aspects of clay work
  • Printing Making
  • Mosaic
  • Construction
  • Lantern making
  • Theatre Scenery
  • And anything not listed just ask

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